G.J. Echternkamp is an innovative, versatile director who has created everything from viral ads to award-winning documentaries, from tear-jerking dramedies to gonzo action movies.


A writer, director, and editor, G.J. specializes in smart, satirical writing, pitch-perfect performances, quirky humor, dynamic editing, and high-concept ideas.

His first feature VIRTUALLY HEROES premiered at Sundance, and was the first time a film produced by legendary b-movie icon Roger Corman was accepted into the festival.

G.J. has recently delved into the innovative world of new entertainment platforms, directing, shooting, and editing virtual reality / 360 projects. Work includes VR content for the show TRANSPARENT, as well as ads for HBO, Monster Energy Drink, and This Bar Saves Lives. G.J. also edited the VR short IF NOT LOVE, which premiered in Sundance’s New Frontier category in 2017.

Follow G.J. on Twitter: @GJEchternkamp

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