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A Short Comedy about Infanticide

Starring Robert Baker, Claire Titelman, & Remy Pierce

Directed by GJ Echternkamp

Written by Matt Yamashita

Edited by GJ Echternkamp

I probably shouldn't tell you about this one. Maybe I'll just post a review from Underground Film Journal.

Father not only doesn’t know best, he wants to commit the worst: Kill his only son in G.J. Echternkamp‘s sick short film Captain Fork. Can humor be mined from a selfish single daddy having dreams of infanticide? Echternkamp happily trots along the cliff of “good” bad taste without falling over in this slick, well-executed — and hilarious — short movie.

Regardless, the tastelessness of Captain Fork‘s central conceit works as “good” bad taste in that the father doesn’t directly attempt the infanticide that the premise suggests. Instead, the humor comes from the Byzantine plans dear ‘ol dad concocts for the child to self-perish and for the elaborate postmortem fantasies, the same kind of fantasies a child might have if the fantasy were reverse.

Lastly, the film comes to a fully satisfying resolution, one that isn’t too vicious nor too saccharine, both of which would have destroyed its “bad” good-will intentions.

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