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DEATH RACE 2050 (2017)

Feature Film

Produced by Universal Pictures

Starring Manu Bennett, Marci Miller, and Malcolm McDowell​

Directed by GJ Echternkamp

Written by Matt Yamashita & GJ Echternkamp

Edited by GJ Echternkamp

Executive Producer Roger Corman

The official sequel to Death Race 2000, was flatteringly featured in DigitalSpy's "11 Most Surprising Movies rated 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes".
Death Race 2050 Clips

Death Race 2050 Clips

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"G.J. Echternkamp steadily ratchets up the outrageousness to hold a hilariously bonkers mirror up to our depressingly bonkers society. The film is outrageous, but it isn’t just a case of a brash director showing off – the movie has style to burn, but it also has a brain, and a knack for knowing how to turn its budgetary limitations to its advantage." Filmmaker Magazine

"G.J. Echternkamp—who’s on Netflix five times, twice as the director of the documentary and the film based on the documentary about his dysfunctional parents—knows how to squeeze every drop of insanity from an already-strangled budget, which makes the scope of Death Race 2050 even more impressive." Paste Magazine, "The Best Action Movies on Netflix"

"Delivers the goods on tongue-in-cheek action, simplistic yet effective social commentary, and a bunch of actors who clearly get the tone of the piece, and are willing to go way over the top in silly, campy, and sometimes ultra-violent fun." Nerdist

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